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Kelsey Owner Fusion of Foods

Ok, so here's the short version. My name is Kelsey and after 33 years in the computer industry, I felt I needed a change in my life. I educated myself with the help of local and state health departments as well as the FDA. I started working in Food & Nutrition, I've done everything from prep work to cooking to cleaning. Then one day I woke up with a clear vision and decided to follow my true passion in life by starting my own food vending business. That's how Fusion of Foods was conceived.

I've had a couple of vending business' before, so I do have experience and knowledge with working the different event types. I also had a large portion of the equipment needed to get going as well. I have been working and saving and putting a lot of time, energy and money into making the company a reality.

Let me give you a little more info about Fusion of Foods. We are a small company that makes your comfort foods with homemade sauces. We have Burger (8 different types), Brats, Hot Dogs, Sandwich’s, Wraps, Mexican Foods, Ice Creams as well as snacks and drinks. Check out our Menu Tab to see more details (Coming Soon). We also have some products that will be hitting the state soon. We have our "Casey's Cowboy Candy" and soon to be released Salsa's, BBQ Sauces and Marinades. Check out the Product Tab to purchase online or check our Events Tab to see where we will be selling our products.

Here's a little more info:

Daily Special. We will be offering a daily special at each event, they will be in limited supply and will include dishes your mama used to make when you were little

10% discount to ALL Seniors, Military branches as well as Police, Fire and Medical personnel.

"Pay it Forward" board. This is where if someone would like to, they can pay for a meal or snack or anything on the menu. They get added to a wall and when someone shows up to eat and say they are short on money or homeless or any reason at all that they can't afford a meal, we let them choose something off the wall and they can receive it for FREE. Check out our Pay it Forward Tab.

Make sure to tell your friends and families about Fusion of Foods, Check back on our Events Tab to see where we will be selling foods.

How it all started...